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Looking for multiple backup management software
We are looking for a reliable backup generation, restoration and migration featured software with following requirements:

1. need the backup (copy) to 2 (two) server at the same times. one target server to different datacenter, another target server to our computer located in our office.
2. compatible with cpanel / plesk
3. very limited content, all are software, there is no general website. every software has very few person access.
4. hourly , every 6 hour, daily, weekly and monthly this 5 type backup generation with smart restoration from any one of two backup server.
Take a look at JetBackup. They already have cPanel in and plan to add Plesk for Linux in the future.

They absolutely do multiple storage locations easily. Not sure about backing up in the same job multiple places but that should be possible.
Agree with jessie, our reseller hosting provider use Jetbackup for cPanel and it is very useful tool

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